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Tips On Hobby &  Lifestyle!

Over the years, Monika has helped more than 50 mums, startups and home-based businesses, to take their hobbies to the next level without compromising on their lifestyle. 

Recently Monika has developed training courses where everyone can start as a hobby that can later be converted into a business idea.

Now Monika is working towards building a likeminded community and sharing stories...

Get in touch today so that Monika can assist you to convert your hobby into a business idea.


Monika and Deals Colony

 are helping turn your COVID hobbies into small businesses. Did you kick off a side hustle over the last couple of months?

"I look forward to working with you into the future, as I am sure you will continue to do exceptional things."


It was great to meet Monika from 

Deals Colony  this morning.
Monika runs workshops to help people turn their hobby into their business. Check out her Facebook page for more info 


Cato Davis, Crochet Teacher

Spend a great Saturday morning with Monika at Happy Hobby Hour workshop. Crochet is fun and easy to do.


Monika is a highly motivated lady, totally focused on, and dedicated to community issues.She is continuously coming up with new ideas, on how to better serve the community. Thishas been highlighted during the current COVID-19 pandemic, during which she hasdeveloped and presented seminars/webinars to educate housebound community memberson how best to handle the situation. I cannot speak too highly of Monika and I unreservedlyendorse her in all that she does.


 I have known Monika for about a year as I needed someone to look after a new facebook site for our local Neighbourhood Watch Group.

In that time she has been enthusiastic and hard working, helpful and dependable. 

She is focused on helping the community and is always coming up with ideas to help make things better.

Our group needed a treasurer and Monika was passionate to ensure the group didn't close, took up the role herself. 

What Others Are Saying..


Monika is a very passionate lady who is keen to share her experiences and success to help anyone looking to start a business based on their hobby. Her kind nature and skills help guide one through the bumpy journey of a starting a new enterprise. Monika is keen to connect people and create opportunities as part of Happy Hobby Hour workshops that may not otherwise be available. I appreciate all she has done and look forward to continuing our entrepreneurial journeys.


Laura, Counsellor

Working with Monika was a pleasure from start to finish as part of her Trial project.  Once we began working on building my website I changed my mind several times, and Monika took this all in her stride. I would definitely recommend Deals Colony to anyone looking to build a website. 


Highly recommended! Monika dedicates her vibrant energy and expertise into helping you towards making your own hobby idea become discovered and teaches you with step by step advice and support on how to turn your hobby into a business thru the use of social media platforms Thank you so much for your help over the past six weeks and wishing you the best for the future!


Helen Evans, Care Taker Show Society

Monika radiates self worth and has unlimited knowledge for encouraging people to do their business or hobby. Monika always has a smile and encouraging words for all. Knowing Monika in early days as a young women with a family looking  for help and encouragement to start a business. I could see the potential and her want of success and she certainly has achieved that! Monika will instil positivity in others. It is a pleasure to have Monika as a friend.


Michi Grant, Mums Group

Monika has been a valuable member to our mothers group, she is always cheerful, energetic and full of wonderful ideas. Monika dedicates herself to the community, she helps others and constantly encouraging group members whenever we need her. Monika is an extremely hard working lady, she implements various business ideas and selflessly share the ideas. It is our pleasure to have such a lovely friend!

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