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frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Be Creative In Your Spare Time...

Welcome to Deals Colony

At Deals Colony, we are dedicated to supporting individuals in their entrepreneurial endeavors through personalised services and comprehensive support.

1. What is Deals Colony?

Deals Colony is a social enterprise that empowers individuals to transform their personal interests into profitable side ventures.

2. How does Deals Colony help?

We create customized solutions to enable individuals to achieve their goals through personalized projects and plans.

3. Why does Deals Colony do it?

We believe in empowering passionate individuals to nurture personal experiences, alleviate stress, foster economic independence, and create a happier, more secure future.

4. Who can benefit from Deals Colony's services?

Anyone with a passion can benefit, including, but not limited to, migrants, students, mothers, professional women, seniors, retirees, people with disabilities, aspiring entrepreneurs, charities, hospitals, schools, markets, local businesses, cafes, and overseas organisations.

5. What types of projects does Deals Colony support?

We support projects across over 50 niches, including arts & crafts, IT & technology, social media, internship programs for migrants, and more, helping individuals launch successful ventures.

6. How long does a typical project last?

Project durations vary based on complexity, typically running from 6 to 12 weeks to meet specific needs and requirements.

7. How personalized are Deals Colony's solutions?

We pride ourselves on highly personalised solutions tailored to each individual's unique goals, achieved through idea assembly and brainstorming exercises.

8. What happens after completing training with Deals Colony?

After training, you receive a certificate of completion and ongoing support to launch your idea or project with resources, feedback, and connections.

9. What types of assistance does Deals Colony offer?

From idea assessment to business launch and beyond, we offer services including idea viability checks, business planning, MVP projects, and business wellbeing training.

10. Is my information safe with Deals Colony?

Deals Colony ensures confidentiality through NDAs and secure data handling practices, respecting your intellectual property and privacy.

11. How can I get started with Deals Colony?

Simply reach out through our website or social media for an initial consultation to discuss your ideas and goals.

12. Does Deals Colony provide ongoing support?

Yes, we offer ongoing guidance and assistance throughout your entrepreneurial journey.

13. What is the starting price for Deals Colony's services?

Prices vary based on support level and customization, ensuring flexibility to meet diverse needs and budgets.

14. Does Deals Colony offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, we provide a satisfaction guarantee to address any concerns and ensure your satisfaction with our services.

15. Is Deals Colony a get-rich-quick scheme?

No, we emphasize the value of dedication and effort, focusing on sustainable business growth.

16. Does Deals Colony promote projects on social media?

With your consent, we promote projects on social media to celebrate achievements and share progress updates.

17. What are Deals Colony's core values?

Our core values include empowering voices with respect, embracing kindness, taking initiative, continuous self-evaluation, and fostering collaboration.

18. What experience does Deals Colony have?

We have successfully supported individuals and businesses with extensive experience in entrepreneurship, project management, IT, retail, and more, backed by government officials.

19. Who is involved in running Deals Colony?

Our dedicated team includes passionate professionals and strategic collaborators committed to our mission.

20. How does Deals Colony generate revenue?

Deals Colony earns from service fees, projects, and retail sales on platforms like eBay, investing in social wellbeing and supporting businesses and charities.

21. What are trial projects?

Trial projects allow testing of business theories and plans with minimal investment, gaining feedback and refining strategies for successful outcomes.

If you have questions or comments on our Services, please use our 'Share Your Feedback' us form.

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