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About Owner

Our entrepreneur journey was started in May, 2014.

Back in May 2014, a woman with no business experience – but unlimited passion– opened her first one day store in Brisbane.
The idea was simple - make money by doing what you love and work from anywhere in your own time without compromising on your lifestyle.

She listed down things she enjoys. Then she stared trialing them to see if that idea can convert into a business.
Now she is running multiple businesses and delivering her products across the globe.

She is the happiest women in the world!

Monika is an experienced IT professional & business consultant with a strong analytical background based in Australia. She works on community & social initiatives. Her work focuses on converting a hobby & passion into business opportunities. She applies various strategies and solutions for her clients in order to help them convert their hobby & passion into a business.
She enjoys exploring her skills and experience to each project she is involved in. From creative problem solving and innovative ideation, to integrated and collaborative strategisation, she always brings her strong eye for detail and has a positive attitude in everything that she does.

She is in the process of developing an online portal to teach others her full proof model that worked for her.  She has developed training courses where anyone can start as a hobby that can later be converted into a business idea. Her initiatives have motivated  and helped 500+ people, startups & home based businesses.

Recently she started a program with her son & his friends on screen time management & screen alternatives for kids. She tested and monetised this idea in Brisbane, Australia and now working towards expanding across global market.

If you’re looking for help to take your business idea to the next level, but aren’t sure which direction to take, feel free to schedule an initial consultation.

Our Successful Side Businesses

Our Fascinating Timeline.....


💎 2014 May: 1st Biz in Retail  (started From One Day Store)

💎 2014 Nov: 1st Ebay Store


💎2015 Sep: 2nd Biz in Electronics


💎2016 Feb: 2nd Outlet


💎2016 Nov: 3rd Outlet


💎2017 Mar: Business Consultancy Started Helping Startups & Home Based


💎2017 May: 4th Outlet Indooroopilly


💎2018 Apr: 3rd Biz  in Wholesale Fashion Accessories, Promotional & Corporate Gifts


💎2018 Sep: Hobby Workshop
Helping People Discover Their Hidden Talent & To Have Fun!


💎2021 May: Kids Screen Time Management, Public Speaking & Confidence Building

Our Partnership & Collaborations

Expanding Our Friendship Each Day!

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