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side business
side business
side business
side business
side business
side business
side business
side business

Before you go any further, I also want to share a little story why I resigned from my full time IT job, started my business and why I'm doing this. 

Watch this short video I made for you...

Feel free to share your comment, if you can relate to anything...

My New Initiatives:

During lock down, I started a community project called Covid project, and put together a one page website highlighting stay-at-home tips and tricks. I put up a series of Facebook events and Zoom sessions. More than 50 people got connected. I teamed up with my neighbours, family and friends to share stories on things they were doing from home and to keep up with their mental health in their own ways.. . We shared our experiences and we were all motivating each other by sharing our stories and tips. I could not have done this without my family, friends, neighbours, local businesses, volunteers and our local police. My idea got published in a magazine :)

Since restrictions have eased, I'm still holding these sessions via Zoom & Facebook live and now sharing tips and tricks to convert home time into an opportunity. I think now it's important to think about the economy, as we need to create jobs and business opportunities that will help the community and boost the economy. With my live videos a lot of people are getting inspired and ready to launch Covid hobby into a business idea.  I'm super excited for this and received more than 60 responses in just a few weeks. This is creating opportunities and assisting people to make some extra income.

In my videos, I share one idea that helped me to create my dream life. I do it via virtual coffee catch up on Deals Colony facebook page or via zoom. 

If you are interested to find out more, then enjoy watching my FREE live videos.

Click Here To Watch My Virtual Coffee Catchup Videos and implement my successful ideas in your own time. I would love to hear your story too..

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Sharing Success Stories

Sharing Success Stories

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