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Happy Hobby Hour

Women in Jewelry Workshop

Socialise & Have Fun!

Craft & Hobby Sessions

Learn a new hobby or Create your masterpiece. Choice is yours!

Come along with your family, kids and mates. 

(Group booking available for large group)

What is included?


*Free Material
*Sample Designs for you to make

(or you create your own design)
*Free Nibbles

*Take away with your masterpiece you created

virtual studio


Supporting local creativity

Online Magazine Office

Lifestyle For You!

Join from your mobile or computer 

Explore our digital  lifestyle experiences and 

activities to do from comfort of your  home

*Virtual Coffee Catch-up

* Painting Class

* Cooking Class

*Kids Calming Techniques

*Fitness & Nutrition

*Basic Computer Lesson

*Click Below To See Full List

Check out our free & paid sessions


Bring Your Hobby To Life

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