This trial project is created to help people with general assistance and home improvement projects . We understand not always we can afford a Handyman,






Auto Mechanic for light car maintenance like oil change, checking & replace battery, etc.

Moving, Picking & Packing stuff

and the list goes on...........

Here is a happy deal for you!!!


How about if we send a friend who can do all of the above for you!!!!

We bet you will save a lot!!!

That's why we created this concept, so that you can get the best help in your budget.


If you are looking for a professional friend who can assist you to fix all your little things don’t forget to message us about the work and your budget. The starting price is $35.


It depends on the type of work and hours involved.

We will create a work assignment and quote you with our best possible price.

Get your work assignment & quote before making this purchase.

Please give us a buffer of 1-2 weeks so that we can better manage your work assignment.


Why are we doing this?

When passion meets work, work becomes a hobby!


The whole idea is to give our hobbyist community a platform & support them so that they can focus on giving their best and you can get the best service without spending a fortune.


**Sharing some of amazing work done by this multitalented computer engineer!

Message us to get an obligation free quote for your home improvement projects.


Thanks for supporting our "Hobbyists Community".

If you are interested to find out more about our work and this community, like our facebook page to join the movement inside Deals Colony.

Home Improvements

  • By a computer engineer...

    Passionate about fixing things at home with his out of the box thining.

    He is availble over the weekends or after work.

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