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We’re proud to support an Australian Disability Enterprise, which means when you buy this lamp you’re providing sustainable employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

When we work with them we are providing sustainable employment opportunities for people with disabilities.

They support people with barriers to employment to find a job that’s right for them. Often, employment opportunities for people with disabilities can be limited. But they don’t accept that and they are passionate about creating inclusive employment opportunities for everyone. 

When you buy this lamp, you will support a cause and encouraging special people in our community to get paid for their good work.


This handcrafted resin hand painted table lamp is to enhance interior of your home or office. Make your favourite place picture perfect.

This stylish lamp has been color coded with special technique, and nicely done. Though you will still see some colors out here and there which actually makes it even real as a messy horse coming from landscape. This is hand painted not machine painted so I would appreciate your feedback to accept this lamp as it is.

This lamp is great for horse lovers who is collecting masterpieces like that. Also it’s unique and only one exclusive piece done by an not for profit organisation that is supporting special people in our community.


Make your feel a very special person and top of the world after investing in this unique gift.


Want to have this personalised touch with pride!! We have this unique custom made one of beautiful handcrafted piece for you.


Resin Hand Painted Horse Lamp Marble Tone Stone Dirty Horse Came From Landscapes

SKU: 671253175371
  • Theme is dirty horse is coming from land scape.

    Color Technique - Marble Tone Stone

    Height- 60 cm approx

    Width- 45cm approx

    Depth- 18cm approx

    Australian Adapter

    Maximum 60 watt globe(not included)

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