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This trial project was created to help people with resume structure and creation.

Our resume writing has three levels:

1. An overall summary of your career and background.

2. A more detailed table, showing the organizations you have worked for and the duties, skills and applications required.

3. A more detailed work history breakdown of each assignment/contract.

The typical potential employer will start looking at this resume, check the overview, and if it isn't of interest, will just chuck the entire document into the waste bin.

On the other hand, if something grabs his/her attention, and he/she wants to know more, they can drill down to the more detailed summary showing details of organizations, projects, duties and applications involved.

Now, if he/she wants more specific details, they can drill down to level three and see the more verbal details of each assignment.

The key point is that the three levels of detail meet with the level of interest of the potential employer, so it is a staged resume.


If you have any specific requirements or questions, just contact us.


All the very best for your next assignment.

Thanks for supporting our "Hobbyists Community".

If you are interested in finding out more about our work and our community, like our Facebook page to join the movement inside Deals Colony.


Deals Colony Uniquely Structured Team :)

Resume Writing

  • Please share all about you and below details:

    • Education
    • Professional Experience
    • Project details
    • Hobbies
    • Reference

    You can book a face to face appointment and discuss about your requirement. 

    or walk in availbable on Saturdays 9 -10 am @Pine Rivers Showgrounds, &57 Gympie Rd Lawnton.

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