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Happy Hobby Hour Junior
Corporate Sponsorship


A lot of children are addicted to screens nowadays, and this problem is a chance for us to do our best for our younger generation. HHHJ fundraising camps are a way to minimise screen-time blowouts during school holidays. 

Working parents find it challenging to arrange a suitable school holidays program for their children while working full-time. Making employee's wellbeing one of the company's top priorities is more important now than ever before.

Your support for sponsoring this program at your workplace will provide the best screen smart activities for the younger generation to have fun, socialise and to build up their confidence.


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What Is HHHJ?

HHHJ or Happy Hobby Hour Junior is an initiative on screen time management for children. It's all about engaging aspiring children and parents to socialise and express their views & frustrations without any fear or guilt. This goal based program encourages our children to talk confidently & build their confidence via life skills, they learn during these sessions.

HHHJ Fundraising Playdates

One of the HHHJ children at the age of 10 set his goal to raise funds for people suffering from terminal illness. His big goal was to raise $5K - $1M. Hence, we started this project to raise funds via hosting fundraising playdates & camps during school holidays. We’re incredibly passionate about supporting young people and helping them reach their potential and achieve their dreams – and this project provides the perfect platform to help them achieve their goals and positively impact the wellbeing of young people.

Why Sponsor Us

Believe in giving back and want to be a proud sponsor of the community project? We take time to understand your needs and align a sponsorship with your corporate social responsibility program, business values, and company objectives - that deliver meaningful shared values and mutual benefits.

Whether it is for your employees' children or client organisation or one-off events, becoming a corporate sponsor of HHHJ offers a unique opportunity to engage your community, employees, customers, and other stakeholders toward a great cause by improving their wellbeing and lifestyle choices while supporting HHHJ fundraising for sick kids.

HHHJ Vision

Take 50M+ Screen-Smart Young Entrepreneurs To The Bigger Stages For Public Speaking.

Establish HHHJ As An Extracurricular Activity On Screen Time Management By Connecting 3000 + Schools Locally & Globally.

HHHJ Fundraising Playdates Goal

Best Playdates ever for kids age 7+. We have already raised $3,500 for the Children’s Hospital Foundation to help sick kids. Our goal is to raise $5K - $1M.

This program is run by Deals Colony's Partnering Teams, Volunteer Parents, Grandparents (Blue Card Holder)

Become A Sponsor - School Holidays Camp

We have passion and professional corporate experience in delivering an inspiring sponsorship package that provides real employee benefits towards boosting productivity by looking after employee wellbeing.

To discuss sponsoring HHHJ school holidays camp/playdates please click on Book Now button, phone 0402 606 944 or email

Our Sponsors & Supporters

We highly support and appreciate HHHJ’s activities. The members are always exploring new skills, being creative and productive, spending their time exploring innovative ideas to make the best use of their time in a fun and healthy manner, which is very important for children’s development. We had sponsored one of their playdates and we loved the idea of how HHHJ members are involving themselves more in household chores, increasing human interactions, creating connections with team members and the community, and reducing screen time.

Sponsor HHHJ Playdates: Sargam Sound Station

Phase 1: How we are helping sick kids!

In December 2021, HHHJ partnered with St Paul's school, CIE Hub to implement a 5 days school holiday fundraising camp aimed at providing the best playdates ever for kids via dance, yoga, active play, sports, life skills challenges, public speaking practice, arts & crafts, fashion walk, movie day, pizza party & most importantly socialising. A total of 13 kids aged 7-14 from 6 different schools participated. We secured 4 sponsors and 5 volunteer parents & grandparents to conduct this trial and raised money for kids suffering from cancer.

Raised $500, Dec. 2021 Term 4 School Holidays, for Children's Hospital Foundation.

For any further queries on corporate engagement,

please reach out  to

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