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You May Feel Overwhelmed Building Your Own Business…My Step By Step Training Will Help You To Create Your Dream Life & To Be Able To Successfully Run A Liability Free Business By Doing What You Love!

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Over the years, Monika has helped more than 50 mums, startups and home-based businesses, to take their hobbies to the next level without compromising on their lifestyle. 

Recently Monika has developed training courses where everyone can start as a hobby that can later be converted into a business idea.

Now Monika is working towards building a likeminded community and sharing stories...


Before you go any further or spend tens of thousands of dollars on setting up your hobby & lifestyle home business, ​Monika wants to give you a FREE gift.

Her 3 proven launch techniques, Overcome common mistakes most people do when launching a home business idea. Monika has combined these goodies in a "Mini Course"! This mini course will teach you everything you need to know about dealing with these mistakes. Understanding these mistakes is the first step to achieving your successful business launch. Achieving your successful business launch isn't as hard as you think and this mini course will show you why.

Get in touch today so that Monika can assist you to convert your hobby into a business idea.

Sharing Stories

Sharing Stories

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What Others Are Saying..


It was great to meet Monika from 

Deals Colony  this morning.
Monika runs workshops to help people turn their hobby into their business. Check out her Facebook page for more info 


Monika and Deals Colony

 are helping turn your COVID hobbies into small businesses. Did you kick off a side hustle over the last couple of months?


"I look forward to working with you into the future, as I am sure you will continue to do exceptional things."


Cato Davis, Crochet Teacher

Spend a great Saturday morning with Monika at Happy Hobby Hour workshop. Crochet is fun and easy to do.

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Helen Evans, Care Taker Show Society

Monika radiates self worth and has unlimited knowledge for encouraging people to do their business or hobby. Monika always has a smile and encouraging words for all. Knowing Monika in early days as a young women with a family looking  for help and encouragement to start a business. I could see the potential and her want of success and she certainly has achieved that! Monika will instil positivity in others. It is a pleasure to have Monika as a friend.

JohnWilson_Successfule collobaration.PNG

Monika is a highly motivated lady, totally focused on, and dedicated to community issues.
She is continuously coming up with new ideas, on how to better serve the community. This
has been highlighted during the current CO