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This is our comprehensive training course to teach children how to turn their enterprise ideas into reality and help them develop entrepreneurial skills.

Empower your child to bring their wildest dreams to life with our expert guidance and supportive learning environment, building confidence in their ability to create and innovate.

Young People’s Passion Projects |Entrepreneurial Idea Launch | Social Enterprise Business Launch

(6 weeks Course, can be online or in-person or combo of both)

1. Kids Business OR Entrepreneurial Idea Launch With The Help Of A Trial Project

2. Certificate Of Completion in Training

3. Launch Party (Official HHHJ Members Only)

4. Bonus Blog Writing (Official HHHJ Members Only)

5. Bonus Portfolio Website (Official HHHJ Members Only)

6. Bonus YouTube Channel (Official HHHJ Members Only)

7. Bonus Engaging Ideas Sheet For Videos (Official HHHJ Members Only)

Launch Youth Social Enterprise Idea, Passion Projects, Entrepreneurial Idea

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