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Screen Time Alternatives | Wellbeing & DIY Self Care | Public Speaking & Confidence Building


Focusing On Creating New Friendships & Reducing Children's Frustrations With Selfcare Tips.


Extracurricular Fundraiser for junior and senior School children.

Golden opportunity to build on their social enterprises or their hobby or passion.


What is included in your screen smart workshops 👇👇


3 X Social Skills Development Sessions (New Life Skills Challenges Every Week.)


1 X Wellbeing & DIY Self Care Session (Overcome Kids' Frustations)


1 X Passion Project (Screen Alternatives, Based On Student’s Interests)


1 X Monthly Meetup (Public Speaking & Confidence Building, Share Proud Moments & Win $50 Gift Card)




• Bonus FREE sessions after school based on the school term (these sessions will create more opportunities based on children's interests or can be used for make up lessons)


Where: online or at St Paul’s School, CIE Hub (Upstairs In Administration Building)


When: After School Thursdays & Sunday

- Every Thursday 3:30 - 5 PM Plus (5 sessions)

- Last Sunday Of The Month 1-3 pm AEST, Monthly Meetup (1 Session)


Once you sign up, we will send you a registration link to know more about your child’s interests, ideas and goals.

HHHJ Life Skills Box

  • In order to work on your child's overall growth & area of improvements, we need your inputs like what do you want your child to focus on and what do you want him/her to achieve.

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