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Women aged 30 to 45, Feeling unhappy in relationships, Feeling burn out?


    The program is built based on the RAPID results coaching model, a system that has been refined over the last 10 years during 12,000+ hours of live coaching sessions. The RAPID model starts with identifying and clarifying the results, aligning values and mindset to the result, planning the actions, implementing the actions and developing the plan continuously. 



    Your 6 weeks package:


    • Week 1:
      • Free Discovery Session 
        • 15 mins Introduction session to get to know each other
    • 1 X Defining Session 
      • 30-45 mins In depth introduction, get to know your story and background, understand your areas of struggle, identify your deeper reasoning system and values, relationship profiling, understand your future vision
    • Week 2:
      • 60 min session to clarify the results, visualise and define your goal, build strategies to maintain the intention for the goal
    • Week 3:
      • 60 min session to identify the meaning you base on your actions, align your actions to your intention, understand your sabotaging patterns or conflicting values and release them.
    • Week 4:
      • 60 min session to identify your shadow values beliefs and align them to your intention, identify any trapped emotions or limiting beliefs and release them.
    • Week 5:
      • 60 min session to cultivate mindfulness, create your action plan that align with your values and progress you towards your future vision
    • Week 6:
      • 60 min session to build your success equation and results oriented action replacements based on observations from the previous week.


    • Emergency Guidance and Support

    At the end of 6 week you will have gained:

    • A clear understanding of your future vision of our goals
    • A clear understanding of your values and beliefs
    • A clear result oriented action plan and systems to help you move closer to your vision
    • Elimination of conflicting values, limiting beliefs and emotions that were restricting your progress towards your vision
    • Strategies and systems to keep yourself accountable
    • Clarity of your vision and path to it
    • Renewed energy to take the action towards your vision

    Be A Queen Program (6 weeks)


      • Help you find yourself, your values and beliefs of life
      • Identify your personality profile and relationship profiles
      • Identify your coping styles that could be hampering the relationship
      • Turn your unhealthy coping styles to healthy one
      • Strategies to work on your emotional or belief traps holding you back from experiencing happy relationships
      • Learn the techniques to navigate your relationship issue for future
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