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How to fight with Coronavirus and Socialising at the same time!

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

Welcome 2 Da Hobby Party @ Ya Home!!!!!

All of ya peoples Should know about the CORONA VIRUS. News is spreading at supa sonic speed! If ya don’t know then You’re a Doofus. (By the way I know my spelling, I’m just doing it for the little kids so don’t judge me. I normally get all the correct answers at school on the spelling list except for a few times only with 1 or 2 wrong) The reason I’m talking about the CORONA VIRUS is because my Mum made this new website launch with her NEW idea! We’ve come a long way until here for this.

With this mysterious idea we’re spreading a message how you can socialise with your friends and family in your Hobbi Parti @ ya home fa fun with the social distancing rule cause we rule!!!!!!!!

Family time, happy time and get-togethers are still possible within the community. Let’s work as a team for the safety of HUMAN-KIND. Think about helpfulness to balance our future and bring your lifestyle back.

Anyway, the reason why I was talking about the CORONA VIRUS is because I said to my Mum that this idea could spread like a disease and when I said that we had a small talk and that is all I’m going to tell you because the rest is gonna take forever!!!

Now get serious and listen cause Imma gonna tell you what it’s about. So Hobby Hour is this online website where you can email my Mum about your hobby or hobbies, that you have and wanna make a fresh business but you’re a noob (beginner) at it. If you don’t want to do it as a business you can still do it for entertainment.

The link is so press it or search it up on GOOGLE orEXPLORER, some kids if they want to showcase their awesome idea(s) with my Mum, can ask their parents and get in touch with her. What you’re reading this very minute has been written by me, I will be doing more of these blogs when I have spare time and you can read the future blogs I make!!!!!!!!!

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