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How HHHJ is helping sick kids while having fun and doing good for the community.

Before I expand on the topic above, I would like to explain exactly what HHHJ is. Happy Hobby Hour Jr. (HHHJ for short) is a goal based program that helps young kids achieve their dreams in life. Some examples of these are fundraising $5000-$1000000 dollars for people suffering from Terminal Cancer. Another one is interviewing the Prime Minister of Australia. You're probably wondering, how are you doing this? Obviously we don't do it in one shot, but we take small steps at a time to achieve these big goals. We have practiced interviewing the Prime Minister of Australia by interviewing other community leaders and public figures. We have started to fundraise money by doing what we call HHHJ Fundraising Playdates - this is what I want to talk about.

The topic I wrote at the tippity top, remember that? Our Fundraising Playdates obviously raise money, and we are raising them to a hospital called Children's Hospital Foundation. This was a goal made by one of our HHHJ Members, age 11, after a personal experience. Now you're probably wondering how this ties in with our 'doing good for the community' and 'having fun'. Are you really not that attentive? It's a Fundraising PLAYDATE!!! WHAT PART OF THAT DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND!?!?!? (Ahem) Anyway, with our doing good for the community, we picked up litter around St Paul's School at Bald Hills. Doesn't really sound like fun, does it? It was much more fun when teacher Mrs. Casablanca came to help us along with Tangalooma EcoMarines! STill doesn't sound fun? Then come and see for yourself at our next HHHJ Fundraising Playdates which are from 20th - 22nd Junefrom 9:00 - 3:00. The timings are just like school days except it's better than school days because it's way more funner!! (Funner, is that a word? Doesn't sound like one.)

Also, thank you to all our supporters and sponsors who helped make this dream goal become a reality!

Bye, I hope you enjoyed reading this! (Sorry if it's a bit to much, I tend to get carried away sometimes. 😉)

<<<I wrote this blog for The Little Echo publication>>>

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