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Life Of Happy Hobby Hour Jr.

Updated: Oct 2, 2021


The next big thing is here! What’s this thing, I hear you ask. It’s called, HAPPY HOBBY HOUR JR. or HHHJ for short. It’s where kids have more fun than doing screentime! I know most of you will be like, I don’t want to reduce screentime, but I’m a kid, so I know what I’m talking about. Trust me, by the end of your 1st session you’ll really want to go again.

Since the start of this group us kids are able to socialise more & started expressing our views & ideas without any fear or guilt. You can watch our live shows & see for yourself.

You can also have playdates with your friends, more active play & earn kids retreats! We’ve also got screen smart workshops which include a broken toy workshop! There are also rankings. One way you can get these rankings are by getting points, which you can earn by participating with us in different ways! A few include our GOAT Newsletter, our Chores Challenge or you could participate or watch a live show. You can also do a chore for a dollar, which was an idea of the week from our GOAT Newsletter. Your parents will give you extra screen time if you are responsible enough to complete all your challenges!!!

You’ll also be able to start your creative business idea like HHHJ or gain experience to build your portfolio. Maybe you can get a job too, if you have super cool skills we may need!

If you want to join us for fun first, all you need to do is be creative and support our vision by joining Monthly Meetup.

You’ll be learning public speaking, new skills & you’ll be making and achieving goals as well! The goal could be as simple as scoring a goal in hockey with your eyes closed. And you don’t need to go up on the big stage 1st time. You can just learn it bit by bit, & voila! You’ll be doing stuff you thought was hard just a few months ago!

We have a Facebook group of almost 150 members, we’ve done a live show with Member of Parliament Nikki Boyd, we’ve interviewed the director of St. Paul’s School, we’ve been interviewed by 99.7 Bridge FM, we did an assembly presentation in front of 250 kids at St. Paul’s, we’ve explored a lot of places like a construction site.

I was talking about something called a Monthly Meetup. You’ll be able to meet some of founding members of the group there. You’ll also be able to meet our mentor, Monika. She’s the one who always helped & taught us everything we know. If you want to do a liveshow, where you can share something like a new toy or a sport you play, we’ll do it there as long as there aren’t any kids allowed on social media, we’ll keep them out of camera view probably. You’ll get some of our free merchandising which include our HHHJ bookmark & goal vial.

Growing HHHJ together in every school is our big goal. Find out how we've done this!!!!

Register down below to join our new exciting business idea.

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