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From screens to startups: A boy's journey to creating 30+ business ideas #Series1

Updated: Mar 13

Hello everyone, after a long, long, time, I am writing a blog. This blog’s all about how my school curriculum’s business subject taught me about Social Enterprises, and how my business and side projects fit into that puzzle. My business is to help people with distancing them from screens, by doing different screen-smart ideas, as I had also fallen into that same trap of screens. So far most of what I learnt about social enterprising has come from my business teacher, but I still want to learn about how he can help me understand this subject better.

To start off, I would like to talk about some of the projects that I have created over the last 2 years. The main ones include launching a business, chores competitions, and going out to meet with people at different places to help us be more imaginative and be more prepared for the real world. These were all created so that we could make these life skills that would stay with us for the rest of our lives and be a fundamental part of our growth.

When we were first introduced to business in Grade 6, we had to create a mini food court. This was the first time I was selling a product that would bring customers due to the design of the school event. This showed the real world of business where selling, marketing, and advertising took key parts, as well as research being a big component, but in a sheltered environment. We did this to save enough collective money for a junior school graduation at Splash.

When finding things to do in your spare time, it gets tough. When we thought of these ideas, we thought of things that can be done daily, others that can be done on weekends, some monthly, and tons that only need to have time in the holidays! These business ideas are in the link at the bottom. Instead of staying in front of a screen, wasting your life, you could create one of these screen-smart business ideas! These easily makeable businesses will preoccupy you for maybe only just a bit, but slowly those small amounts of time let you create a masterpiece!!!

Now it’s been a while, but I hope that you enjoyed reading this blog that was created right before I was about to eat lunch. So now that this blog is pretty much done, you can check the link for the 30+ cool business ideas that my mum and I have created for various occasions. (Also don’t forget to have your meals on time, it makes working a lot harder on an empty stomach).

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