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Updated: Aug 7, 2021

Bye Bye Un-needed Screen Time!!!!

Raising Responsible, Confident, Screen Smart Young Entrepreneurs!!!


1. Our juniors are spreading awareness on minimising screentime.


Live Shows
Playdates, Meetups & Kids Retreats
Creativity & Passion Projects
Screen Smart Workshops
Points, Ranking & Rewards :)


2. Happy Hobby Hour Junior Project, DEALS COLONY's Initiative For Young People


Deals Colony works on community projects and helps people to launch their entrepreneurial ideas and passion projects.

This is an initiative on managing screen time for kids. It's all about engaging aspiring kids and parents to socialise and express their views & frustrations without any fear or guilt. This goal based program encourages our juniors to talk confidently and build their confidence. They are learning public speaking, facing the camera and stage in a small group, online and then to the bigger stage.

They can talk about a new toy or exciting sports or an experience or anything they would like to share. This is a safe & secure way to share our junior's awesome Idea that they can cherish & talk about.

The main principle is that screens should not replace parental and human interaction with a child,” says Dr. Lai. She cautions that excessive screen time is associated with a number of health issues, including depression and obesity, and can also have a negative impact on a child's sleep. All the time spent in front of screens can negatively affect our mental and emotional wellbeing.” The other researchers also noted that, “High users of screens were also significantly more likely to have been diagnosed with anxiety or depression."

I believe that in life, you have to give things your best shot and to do your best. A lot of kids are addicted to the screen now a days and this problem is a chance for us to do our best for our younger generation.

As an active member in the parent community and being a mum to myself I understand the importance of managing screen time for kids by deviating their unneeded screen time into their area of interests.

Myself Monika, owner of Deals Colony started this movement with my son and his friends. Our private facebook group has all our amazing fun stuff we do during school holidays and on weekends. So far we have tested this program on 20 + kids Age Group 8-14. Our goal is to collect 50.1 M Likes on this idea, that means we want to inspire 50.1M kids :)

Our Exclusive Opportunities For Kids


  1. Monthly Meetups

  2. Kids Retreat @School Holidays

  3. Funding Kids Projects/Creative Business Idea

  4. Experience Program

  5. Kids Portfolio Building

  6. Job Opportunities

Our Merchandising For Kids

  1. Screen Smart Everyday Bookmark Tracker

  2. HHHJ Dice For Screen Smart Choices

  3. HHHJ Goal Vial (So That Kids Achieve Goals & Set The Timeline)

  4. Seasonal Greetings Calendar (Full Of Screen Smart Activities)

  5. HHHJ Inspiring Photo Coaster

Don't forget to claim your freebies during our meetups.

Future investment plans to develop Reward App to keep track of kids' weekly actions/monthly goals/rewards/ranking/points. It will also allow kids to redeem their well-earned rewards.

Now you know all about our vision :)


3. Beginning Of Our Exciting Business Idea.................


Ruhaan K, age 10 started this idea as a trial with his school & family friends during playdates. Kids started with Live Shows and are evolving everyday...​They started expressing their views & ideas via live shows, socialising via active play, learning responsibilities via chores challenges, started developing more screen smart activities via arts & crafts, computer and engineering workshops.
Kids soon started to set up their big and small goals and got motivated towards achieving them. Check out our Junior's amazing fun work!

4. Our Juniors' Exciting Journey - Highlights @ 1st Phase

Trial With Friends & Family


Live Shows, Active Play, Challenges, Workshops - Our Junior's Socialising & Fun Learnings

Live Show with Member Of Parliament Pine Rivers Nikki Boyd - Our Junior's Credibility :)

Live Interview with St Paul's Junior School Director Mrs. Marianne Connolly - Our Junior's Confidence

Interviewed by 99.7 Bridge FM Radio - Our Junior's Popularity

Assembly Presentation At St. Paul's School In front of 250 Kids & Teachers - Our Junior's Public Speaking

Explored Various Places like Construction Site, Local Stores, Local Market - Our Junior's Entrepreneurial Skills Development

Weekly Newsletter - Our Junior's Analytical and Writing Skills

Points & Ranking - Our Junior's Rewards

Private Facebook Group of 100+ Members - Our Junior's Parents Hanging Out Online Hub :)

Growing List Of Our Supporters - Our Junior's Opportunities

Our Junior's Awesomely Successful Trail - Promo Phase 1!


Now we are ready to test this idea at the community level!

5. Are You Ready For Phase 2- Our Trial With The Community?

Your first step towards this project is to like and share this article.
Recommend Happy Hobby Hour Junior to your friends & family to support our kids' vision.
Register now for monthly meetup. If you are not in Brisbane let us know in the comment box.

Let's get connected and be part of our movement. I look forward for your support in any way whether recommending this program to your family and friends or helping me raise funds to further grow this idea to be able to provide the best platform for younger generation.


6. Support Our Kids' Vision

One of the leaders of this group is Ruhaan K (aged 10). A message from Ruhaan "It would mean a lot to me if you spread the word as I've got a goal of inspiring 500 kids to follow in my footsteps, so that we can grow Happy Hobby Hour Jr. together in every school. I also want to thank all my friends, who have helped make this happen. Lets Celebrate Together (LCT)"
Ruhaan will be running Happy Hobby Hour Junior sessions with Monika and other kids' speakers.


7. Happy Hobby Hour Juniors


Hi, I'm Ruhaan. I'm in grade 5. Happy Hobby Hour Jr. is about helping kids minimize their screentime while having fun, learning new things and socialising with kids of their own age. I personally like HHHJ because it’s fun, I learn new things and I have gotten more friends by socialising with kids of my own age when I would normally be stuck on a screen. I got benefited by HHHJ by becoming screen smart (along with being smarter in general) getting more friends, doing more active play and I also get more family time. My goals are to get neater handwriting, inspiring 500 kids and talking to the PM. Thanks for listening to my opinion of what HHHJ can help me with and how it is already benefiting me.

Hi, I'm Nehan. I'm in grade 5. Happy Hobby Hour Jr. is about kids reducing screen time, being more active and playing sports. HHHJ is fun because we can play with our friends, do live shows, go on adventures outside of Ruhaan’s house, having a great mentor that gives up her time for us and teaches us how to be part of HHHJ and we get awards. I think I will get more friends from HHHJ, get more awards, get famous and do a fundraiser and donate it to a charity. My goals are that I want to do a fundraiser to get minimum $5000 and maximum $1000000, the charity is for people that are in terminal and are going to die soon, get more friends, reduce screen time, have even more fun than I am having now and everyone in the world always should have fun when they want to have fun.

Hi, I'm Arta. I'm in grade 5. I think Happy Hobby Hour Jr. is a good message for us kids. We can achieve goals with it, for example, decreasing screen time and more productivity. My goal is to interview the PM and start a charity.

Hi, I'm Sarvesh. I'm in grade 5. Happy Hobby Hour Jr. helped me realise that you really don’t need screens to survive. You might think that your phone or iPad knows everything. But how are books any different? HHHJ let’s you socialise , have fun and learn and try new things . So , get off your screens NOW! My goal is to provide shelter for atleast 50 homeless people.

Hi, I'm Ayaan. I'm in grade 5. Happy Hobby Hour Junior is a time in which you avoid screens and interact with your friends. For instance, only last week I had an activity with Ruhaan, Sarvesh, Nehan and Arta. We went to a construction site in Aspley where an old Queenslander house was being lifted. It was a big learning experience for our happy hobby hour junior team. We learned about so many different aspects about construction from the owner of the business. The best thing about happy hobby hour jr. is that we can socialize with your friends and learn at the same time on the weekends. But there are a few ground rules you have to follow like always expect the unexpected, be kind and courteous, no hate speech or bullying, respect everyone's privacy and finally no promotions or spam. Not only that but everyone made their own goals, and my goal is to plant more than 500 trees in a park or our very own Koala corridor. I am doing this because too many trees are being cut down.

Hi ,I am Aadi, I am in grade 9,I play soccer for one of the clubs in Northside. Recently I have developed a passion for music and I love spending my free time playing Guitar. Aadi suggested ranking system in Happy Hobby Hour Junior.

Hi, I am Abraham. I am 10 years old. I love Sports Swimming, Running & play Basketball. I did my 2km running in Bramble Bay Cross Country as at Taigum SS last week. I can play Violin & Piano. I am a proud member of Happy Hobby Hour Junior.


8. Future Ready Kids, Get Screen Smart!

Let's all do our best! Be helpful whenever we can...
Register Your Interest!

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