Covid-19: How to keep up with your sanity & maintain a sustainable livelihood

Updated: Sep 13

Everyone is saying stay at home 🤥🤥 How do you feel?🤔

Do you think staying at home and locking down ourselves is going to help us all during this pandemic?🤨🥺🤔

Sharing my views here!

Locking down at home is the only option to naturally come out from this time!

Why? We all have to understand as it’s a life or death situation. Limiting people’s contact with each other in order to slow the spread of the disease. You can watch news and read tons of articles on current situation.

It’s not a war where we are not even safe anywhere! We are in a better situation where most of us have an option to stay at home.

So don’t be scared from the current situation and fight against the coronavirus to build up yourself and each other. Do things you always wanted to do from home. Follow your heart ♥️

How Though?

Let’s make people busy at home and this will avoid depression, too much thinking and people are more likely to be in the right mind set.

What Can You Do?

Start with your home entertainments, connect with your family and friends virtually, share your hobby with them, find a way to turn your hobby(ies) into a business. Whether that's art lessons, cooking classes or how to stitch a button or kid's blog or even selling on eBay, practically anything can be taught. You can do this online via facebook, web course or your youtube channel. I can share loads of examples who are already doing it and bring up their brand.
Support home businesses so that people are encouraged to stay at home. The economy will boost this way. Like the old times where it was not necessary transacting only in money, but exchanging items and services as well.

Who Can Help?


Stay at home and find ways to be productive by doing the things you love.

I’m loving what I’m doing right now and sharing tips on how to stay sane during this chaotic time at home. Sharing real stories on how this time can be rewarding for some! Join me for an entertaining virtual coffee catch-up every Saturday starting at 11 AM AEST via my facebook page Deals Colony. You can watch free video series here
Let's be ready to have your productive time at home!!!!!!

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We Still Have Time!

Remember we are still in good shape and most of us can still access basic needs like Sunlight, Air, Water and Food.

I’m sure the government will ensure that most of us are not hungry.

Be at home and let everyone enjoy basic essentials before they start impacting natural things.

Do what you can do!

Wrap up with 3 tips!

  1. stay at home

  2. keep yourself busy

  3. have internet

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y @Ideas2Community 😊🙏🏻

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