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HHHJ Fundraising playdates - Spring CAMP 2022
Parent Info & Kids Menu
Book For 3 Days Or Less

Our most exciting fun filled Spring camp 19-21 Sep. These playdates are designed so that kids can have best playdates ever at the same time parents enjoy too as everything is included in this price :)

Kids Menu For 3 Days

Day 1:

Mon 19th Sep- Morning Tea: mixed fresh fruit & banana mini loaf

Mon 19th Sep - Lunch: Chicken Nuggets & Chips & Tomato Sauce, Chocolate Cake

Mon 19th Sep - Lunch: Pick one Popper Apple or Orange

Day 2:

Tue 20th Sep- Morning Tea: Mixed fresh fruit & mini muffins

Tue 20th Sep- Lunch: Butter Chicken With Rice (Or Pick Same As Monday)

Day 3:

Web 21st Sep- Morning Tea: Mixed fresh fruit & mini banana bread

Wed 21st Sep- Lunch: Pizza Party, Garlic Bread, Cold Drink. Pick Pizza Choice

Pizza Option: Cheese or Pepperoni or Meet Lover or Hawaiian or other

Wed 21st Sep - Movie Snacks: Popcorn, Chips & Lollies

Parent Information

  1. Early drop off & late pick up is available at no additional cost for HHHJ members and $5 per hour for non members.

  2. Pickup & drop off Locations

    1. St Paul's school, Bald Hill (19th -21st Sep. 9am - 3pm), Administration/Tooth building upstairs in a big hall, next to CIE Hub.

  3. Please email for any extra needs, allergies & food options for pizza. We have set menu for lunch & morning tea everyday. If your kid has any specific needs please let us know in advance. 

  4. What To Bring Everyday: Water bottle, hat, sunscreen, covered in shoes for active play, optional pillow, blanket & favourite toy/books/sports gear for chill time.

  5. We will film this event and use in Promos for educational purpose. If you don’t want to be seen please let Monika know.

  6. RSVP BY 9th Sep so that we can sort our catering & hiring for our workshops

    1. ​​Group discount is available on 3 days package minimum 5 kids (You will save $50 when you purchase 5 tickets for 3 days)

    2. For corporates & organisations generous discount available. Minimum 10 kids. Email us for more details.


This is HHHJ passion project for raising funds for people suffering from cancer. Raising $5000 for sick kids. By sharing this event with your family, friends or colleagues you have the power to generate even more funds for this cause.

Make It Fun : Best Playdates Ever

  1. Day 1: Active Play, Dream Art Workshop, Life skills Challenge

  2. Day 2: Active Play/Dance, Robotics workshop. Kids will create sophisticated robots. This encourages the comprehensive learning of science, technology, mechanical and software engineering, and math (STEM learning).

  3. Day 3: Crafts & Business Workshop, Movie, Movie Snacks & Pizza Party

  4. Everyday exciting Active play competition trophies & life skills challenges prizes

Book Online

St Paul's School, Strathpine Road, Bald Hills QLD, Australia



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