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HHHJ - Life Skills Reward Pouch is an extremely useful tool to manage your child's screen time & hence, more time for your child to explore, make friends & achieve their dreams.


In this reward pouch you will find loads of tips on life skills, everyday routine & also strategies for screen time management that will assist your child to do well in and outside school.


Your child will be able to set up their rewards and goals, add up DIY self care tips & also get opportunities to share their success story on an emerging kids' public speaking platform.


Rewards are a great way to encourage kids to set goals, behave well and work hard with the assurance of rewards when they achieve goals. Add up a smiley face to track how your child achieves their goals each week.


Goal setting or reward charts are simple tools which can reinforce new skills in children, encourage them to do chores or homework and have good behavior. It is a wonderful way for you to teach your young children about different responsibilities and how to achieve goals. When they are rewarded or praised for good behavior, it can encourage and motivate the child to comply with behavior rules.


After working with 100+ students, we have created HHHJ Life Skills Reward Pouch.


This easy to carry, light weight, tear proof, HHHJ - Life Skills Reward Pouch will assist you if you are not sure how to manage your child's before & after school routine and their screen time too.


This waterproof bookmark reward box consists of various mini sheets that will assist you to reward your child on a weekly basis and also includes lots of goodies for your child to build up with his/her self esteem, confidence, time management, goal setting etc.


We got you covered with our screen time alternative ideas :)


Let's try HHHJ's proven methods to teach your child how to be responsible, confident & do well in & outside school!


HHHJ Life Skills Reward Pouch consists of multiple mini sheets in a transparent pouch. You will receive:

- 1 X transparent pouch with an option to attach a key ring for school bags or cars

- points chart

- weekly goals & rewards notes sheet

- how you are feeling sheet

- overcome frustrations using DIY self care tips sheet

- time management tips sheet

- goal setting tips

-Improving self esteem tips

- how to connect with emerging kids' public speaking platform sheet

- HHHJ weekly routine sheet ie bookmark routine (Helps your child with points & rewards)

Only 5 activities to follow every day for 7 days.

Reward: Lots of cuddles and at the end of 7 days, kids can claim 25 points. Parents can set a reward after completion of certain points eg 500 points = 1 hour extra screen time or movie night or favorite toy/game.


Sheets Material: tear proof paper or polyester film (looks & feels like paper but tear proof, waterproof, grease and dirt proof and won’t yellow with age


How to use: HHHJ Reward Pouch consists of reusable waterproof sheets. We recommend the use of a pencil to write, so it is easy to rub with an eraser and reuse it an unlimited number of times. Don’t use a pen as you can’t rub the pen, which means you can’t reuse this bookmark for writing notes & points.



BBUST!!!! Bye Bye Un-needed Screen Time.


Raising Responsible, Confident, Screen Smart Young Entrepreneurs!!!

HHHJ - Life Skills Reward Pouch

  • This product is eligible to claim under HHHJ points rewards and you can receive this item for free using 50 HHHJ Points.


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