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Let's come together to support a noble cause of raising funds for children suffering from terminal illnesses. In exchange, we offer an exciting opportunity for your kids to enjoy 5 days filled with various engaging activities during the school holidays!!!

Don't miss this chance to enroll them in our HHHJ Playdates & Socialising program and give them memories they will cherish forever.

We have curated a wide range of fun-filled events tailored specifically for kids, ensuring each day offers something unique! From dance performances to yoga sessions, active playtime, thrilling sports matches, surprises & gifts galore as well as life skills challenges; live shows that promises unlimited excitement plus public speaking practice opportunities too!! Additionally there are special attractions every single day such arts & craft workshops or fashion walk where all participants dress up , famous personality meetups movie screenings pizza parties guaranteeing non stop socializing

For those interested parents whose little ones love express their flair through clothes they wear on Fashion Walk occasion so don't forget bring along outfits which would make impress others since it is mandatory event across entire duration making sure everyone joins happily.


This is Happy Hobby Hour Junior’s (HHHJ for short) new project that is managed by Deals Colony in collaboration with local businesses and volunteer parents. We are getting good support from our community leaders too :) We know what our kids want during school holidays and now we would like to share this with Neighbouring kids in North Brisbane.

Blue card holder parents will be there for peace of mind. Happy Holidays!!! :)


Monika Ruhaan, Nehan & Diya (HHHJ Officials)

HHHJ Playdates - Kids Socialising

    • Free HHHJ Bookmark.
    • Free Gift
    • Popcorn, chips, cold drink & Pizza party on last day ie Friday
    • Everything is included in this price.
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